Major Tendencies in Leadership between 1965-2020: A Scientometrics Analysis

Major Tendencies in Leadership between 1965-2020: A Scientometrics Analysis


This study aims to examine broadly the leadership studies from the past to the present. To do this, it addresses the studies on leadership carried out in the ERIC database from 1965 to the present in terms of leadership qualities, leadership styles, and leadership training based on scientometrics analysis. So, 13258 publications were examined according to year, title, summary, and country. The findings showed that some specific words stood out among the others and the number of studies conducted on these terms has decreased in the years after 2010. In this context, the findings showed that the year 2010 was the cut-off point. When the literature was examined, it was seen that there are similar and different studies with the results of these studies. In this direction, it occurred that the studies related to scientometrics are increasing because of the importance of leadership, and it was suggested that new studies should be made by including different databases, comparing different year intervals, and participating in different fields.

KEYWORDS: Leadership, leadership quality, leadership style, leadership training, scientometrics

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